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Psychopsis sanderae (syn. Oncidium sanderae)

This is an extremely rare species. It has distinctive lateral sepals that are bright clear yellow with small reddish brown blotches. The distinctive column is heavily fringed with comb-like wings that have dark brown glandular tips.


Psychopsis versteegianum (syn. Oncidium versteegianum)

This is also an extremely rare species that have been mistaken for the species P. sanderae. It can be distinguished by the column, which also have comb-like wing structure, with NO glandular tips.


Rhynchostylis colestis “Alba”

This is the rare albino form of the species. It has crystalline pure white flowers on a upright inflorescence. It is also very fragrant.


Rhynchostylis gigantea “Peachy”

This is the most rare and unusual color form of this species. This rare peach-colored forms are the result of a sibling cross from the product of a cross between a deep red form and a albino form. Only a handful of the sibling cross came out this rare peach color and selfing was made.


Rhynchostylis retusa “Alba”

This is the rare albino form of this very fragrant species. It has long pendulous crystalline pure white flower and is commonly known as the “Foxtail Orchid”. This is a rare find and is highly sought after by collectors.


Vanda dearei

This rare species is highly sought after for its sweet fragrant and free flowering habit. Most modern yellow Vanda hybrids have this species in their parentage. The species varies in color from cream to brown and the lemon yellow forms are highly prized by collectors.


Vanda insignis

This extremely rare species are not commonly seen in cultivation. It has very unique and distinctive large lip that look like a spatula. The flowers are also very fragrant and have been use extensively in breeding a few decades ago.


Vanda lamelata “Remediosae”

This is a uncommon variety, which is different by its cream yellow background with brown marking and a pale purple lip. This species is also very fragrant.


Vanda tessellata “Blue”

This species is variable and this is a true species because it has side lobe, which is pointed. Compared to those that are sold as “Improved” Vanda tessellata, which has rounded side lobes. This particular variety is an exceptional blue form, which originated from India. It also has very highly fragrant flowers.


Vanda ustii

This new Vanda species was only recently named and described in 2000. This species has very free flowering yellow flowers and is very fragrant, which should be exploited for hybridization.


Vanilla plainifolia

This vine like plant will produce the vanilla flowers that developed into vanilla pod, which favour the popular vanilla ice cream. It is the sticky seed content in the pod that is use for flavoring. Yes vanilla is from an Orchid!!!!


Vanilla plainifolia “Variegated”

This is the rare variegated form of the species and is stunningly beautiful even it is not in flower. Instead of jade green leaves, it has yellow streak leaves.

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