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Plant Listing Information

The plant listing featured here are just some of the unique orchid plants from our private collections. These are some of the product we are offering or in the process of propagation in our laboratory. Please check back regularly because we will update which product or new product will be ready from our lab. In the meantime please take your time to go through each plant listing to view the uniqueness of each plant listing for your reference and information. Currently there are some plant listings that are ready and are offered as divisions, young rooted seedlings invitro (clean culture) and as protocorms (starter culture) for nurseryman whom have lab facilities to propagate and disseminate these unique orchid species. Please check for availability or inquire (contact us) about any specific stage of growth for your requirements. Please also do not hesitate to enquire about those plant listing that do not specify any availability info because they maybe in the process of propagation and sometime they do sold out quickly before we could state the availability on the web. Please refer to the species name or the code when ordering or enquiring. All divisions are blooming size and are bare rooted when shipped.

Growth stages and sizes

Protocorms (PC): These are either protocorms or young shoots in sterile tubes ready for transflasking in a laboratory facilities.

Seedlings (SD): These are 3 young plants in sterile tube.

Tubs (TB): These are 15 to 20 young seedlings plants in sterile tub.

Near Blooming Size (NBS): These are large seedlings that are near maturity.

Blooming Size (BS): These are mature plants that should bloom soon.

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