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These are handmade live like miniature replicas of various orchid genuses. They are made of a special material, which is a combination of clay and plastic that have the firmness of plastic and the malleability of clay. Therefore they can bend into any direction you desired. They are an absolutely delicate and exquisite gift for any occasion or just for decorative display.

Hanging 2” orchids

These are handmade miniatures orchid replicas that are about 2” tall including hanging wire and a clay pot. They come in assortments of genus and colors. They are either mounted or in hanging pots.

Assortments at $7 each. Code: H2O


Wooden Shadehouse

These are replicas of a tropical wooden shadehouse with dismentalble frames. It can hold and hang as much you desired. The dimensions of the miniature dark brown shadehouse are 6.5” X 3.5” X 4”.

Wooden shadehouse at $20 each. Code: WSH

Special: A set of wooden shadehouse with 6 assorted hanging 2” orchids at $50 each set Code: WSH6


Orchid magnets

These are 2” tall assorted orchid plants that are mounted on a small piece of wood with a magnet at the back. These can be nicely display on any metallic surfaces.

Assortment of orchid magnets at $10 each. Code: OMAG


Potted 3” orchids

These are also 2” tall assorted orchid plants that are in 1” ceramic or clay pots, stuffed with dried moss. They come in assortments of colors and genus.

Assortments at $10 each Code: P3O


Wooden Planter

These are wooden planter for the above 3” miniature potted orchids. The dark brown planters are made of wood and can hold 2 miniature pots. They come in either with or without “A” frame leg.

Wooden planter at $5 each. Code: WPL (leg) or WP (no leg)

Special: A set consists of wooden planter with 2 assorted pot orchid at $ Code: WPL2 or WP2

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