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This genus used to be classified under genus Vanda and only recently it was reverted back to the old genus Papilionanthe. These are epiphytic plants with upright cylindrical terete leaves and have a climbing growth habit. The flowers can range from small to large and are often showy. They need very high light to flower well and are quite hardy. The species in this genus are distributed from Sri Lanka and Himalayas, eastward to Indochina and south to Indonesia. For the sake of common knowledge, we will still use Vanda to address the species. For the die-hard purist, you can refer to some documented descriptions of the Papilionanthe species and hybrids by R. E Holttum. 1953. A Revised Flora of Malaya: Orchids of Malaya Vol. I. Government Printing Office, Singapore. Pg. 715 – 722.

Vanda biswasiana

This is extremely rare specie and its terete leaves are similar to Vanda vandarum with a constriction near the tip. It has a distinctive sidelobe that are narrow, raising vertically like horns (not enfolding the column) and a slim narrow lip with some spotting bending dowards. The flower color range from white to pinkish blush and sometime with spots.

Vanda hookeriana

This specie used to be abundant in swampy wetland around Indochina. But now due to habitat destruction and urban development it is now quite hard to come by. This specie is very distinctive by its extremely large colorful lip. The terete leaves also have a distinctive kink (constriction) near the tip of the sharp pointed leaf.

Vanda hookeriana "Alba"

This is the albino form of hookeriana and is extremely rare. It has been documented in some literature, but seems to have long disappeared from cultivation. Fortunately we manage to acquire this rare albino form from a run down collection of a collector who had passed on.

Vanda pendunculata

This is extremely rare specie has long inflorescence with medium sized showy flowers. It is distinctive in its unique dramatic fringed lips. The terete leaves have a constriction below the sharply pointed leaf tip.

Vanda teres (common)

This species is very variable in form, size and color. But when a bunch of Vanda teres are in flower it is quite spectacular. Enclosed are pictures of many different types and form of common Vanda teres for your viewing inorder to differentiate the more selected desirable variety and rare forms. This is the only specie in the genus that has no constriction in its terete leaves and is bluntly pointed.

Vanda teres "Gigantea"

This is the long lost documented superior rare specie. It is a very extremely large flowered variety with perfect flower form. It is distinguish by its upright purple spotted terete leaves.

Vanda teres "Aurorea"

This documented rare variety is similar to gigantea but has a rather paler color with yellow side lobes and the straight terete leaves are uniform green, not spotted.

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