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Dendrobium oligophyllum

This uncommon miniature species have long lasting flowers and is very free flowering. It has great potential for breeding miniature Dendrobium. It can flower when it is matured while it is still in flask. A good candidate use for plant research like flower color manipulation and genetic transformation work.


Dendrobium parthenium

This is another rare and uncommon species. It has large crystalline white flower with broad petals and an extremely wide and large lip with a contrasting red spot in the lip.


Dendrobium secundum

This species is unique because its flowers are arranged in a bottle brush structure. This is a selected chili red form that is much sought after then the common pink form.


Dendrobium shulleri “TE”

This is the Holy Grail of the species from the section Spatulata. This extremely rare species was once use extensive in hybridization during the early 50s and 60s. But was then lost in cultivation throughout the years. Most green and yellow Dendrobium hybrids available today, have this species as a parent in its ancestry. We manage to acquire this rare species from a long time Dendrobium breeder whom had used this species in his hybridization program and had passed on.


Dendrobium stratiotes “TE”

This is another rare species, which is an icon for the common name “Antelope” Dendrobium. Though it is not common in many collections, it has been use extensively in breeding. Its length and twisting of its petal varies greatly. Those that have long and heavily twisted petals are highly sought after, like the one being featured.


Dendrobium tobaense

This is a rare species that was discovered in the early 1990s. It is similar to the species Dendrobium cruentum, except that this species have larger flowers with elongated petals and sepals with a unique lip.


Dendrobium unicum

This unusual and unique species have bright orange flower, which are long lasting. This species is highly sought after for its unique orange flower because orange color is rare for Dendrobium.


Dendrobium venustum

This species is often confused with the species Dendrobium delacourii. This species is very floriferous and the plant is much taller and larger that Dendrobium delacourii. A potential species to be use as a parent.


Dendrobium violaceoflavens

This is an extremely rare and beautiful species is from the section Spatulata. The plant is large and robust with distinctive flower with a bright blue violet lip. It is very highly sought after by collectors.


Dendrobium virgineum “Red Spot”

This is an extremely rare and highly sought after species. It has very long lasting waxy flowers. It has clusters of crystalline white flowers with a contrasting bright red spot on the lip and a spur. It can be a potential parent for breeding long lasting flowers.


Dendrobium virgineum “Red Veining”

This variety is the same as the above description except this form has red veining on the lip instead of a single bright red spot on the lip.


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