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Cattleya luteola

This is a miniature species that have lemon yellow flowers and is use frequently as a parent for breeding miniature hybrids.


Dendrobium cruentum

This is a very endangered species in the wild. Yet it is use frequently in hybridization, due to its long lasting and free flowering characteristic.


Dendrobium dearei

This species has long lasting pendulous flowers, which can last for months. The featured selected dearei here have wider and rounder petals than the common narrow petal type.


Dendrobium fytchianum

This is an extremely rare species that have to be completely become deciduous before they produce their flowers. The flower is unique, whereby it has a broad distinctive lip that is similar to the equally broad petals. Therefore it has a peloric appearance which is very pleasing and beautiful.


Dendrobium gouldii “Blue”

This is a rare blue form of the species. It is a large robust plant that is quite free flowering. This rare colored form is highly sought after by collectors.


Dendrobium lancifolium

This is a rare and unusual species. It has thin and long branching stems with 2 to 3 large flowers on each node.


Dendrobium leporinum

This is an extremely rare and highly sought after species. It is very similar to the species Dendrobium stratiotes, except it is different in the color and the callus structure in the lip.


Dendrobium lineale

This handsome uncommon species has often been confused as the albino form of Dendrobiun gouldii. It is very free flowering and has been used often in breeding.


Dendrobium macrophyllum

This unique and weird looking species belong to the section Latouria. The flowers are long lasting and are covered with dense hairs.


Dendrobium mirbelianum

This is a large and robust species has often been confused and mistaken for the much rarer Dendrobium shulleri. This selected species are not self-pollinating and the flowers are more open.

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