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Dendrobium Ekapol “Blue Lagoon”

This is the most deep blue cutflower type Dendrobium we have ever come across. It is a mutation occurred during propagation in a laboratory.


Dendrobium (Den Candy Stripe X Den D’bush Pansy) Selfing

This is a selfing population of the above crossing and a handful of this beautiful and unique stripe peloric form was selected and being clone.


Dendrobium Kuranda Classic

This unique hybrid is an extremely large, round and beautiful peloric form of a Dendrobium. Instead of a lip, it is replaced by an extra round petal, which make the flower look like a Pansy. Hence the common name “Pansy Orchid”.


Dendrobium Sonia “King Dragon”

We acquired this unique and beautiful mutation as Den. “King Dragon”. It was later determine to be a peloric mutation from the hybrid Den. Sonia. It has a sub peloric flowers where by the petals have mutation similar to the lip structure.


Laelia fidelensis

This is another rare and uncommon Laelia species. Not much is known about the locality of its habitat. It has large flower on a moderate small plant.


Miltonia spectabilis “Moreliana”

This is a warm tolerant Miltonia species and this variety is exceptional because of the deep violet color. This featured selected form has petals that do not reflexed backwards. It has flat petals and sepals and a large lip which make this a beautiful species. This species normally has reflexed petals.


Phalaenopsis amboinensis “Flava”

This is the rare Flava (yellow) form of the species. It has bright golden yellow background with lighter yellow barring, which make this species very desirable.


Phalaenopsis appendiculata

This is an extremely rare species, which was considered “lost” species. It is a beautiful miniature with very unique lip structure. This rare species is also very floriferous and free flowering. A potential parent for breeding free flowering hybrid.


Phalaenopsis gibbosa

This is another rare miniature that is not commonly cultivated. It is sometimes mistaken for an Alba form of the species, Phalaenopsis parashii.


Phalaenopsis lowii

This rare species was also considered lost till recently being rediscovered. This species is distinguished by having the lateral lobes of the lip in the form of a recurved hook = like a long bird beak.


Phalaenopsis micholitzii

This extremely rare species is very distinctive by it’s many short inflorescence and pure white crystalline flower with a dense hairy lip. Its floriferous characteristic should be heavily exploited for hybridization program.


Phalaenopsis minus

This extremely rare species is use to be classified under the genus Kingidium. This species is beautiful and unique in its reddish brown longitudinal barring, which could be a potential parent for breeding striped flowers.

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