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Terms and Conditions

Foreign Orders

  1. All prices are listed in US$ dollars and are subjected to change without prior notice. Minimum foreign order is $ 300. Prices in this website supersede all previous lists.
  2. All labeled plants are sent bare rooted. Sometimes sphagnum moss are placed around their roots for moisture
  3. All orders are hand picked with the best quality plants available at the time of order. We do not ship plants that are in poor conditions.
  4. Due to the high demand of our unique products, our stocks sometime are limited. Orders are subjected to the availability of stocks.
  5. Please email or fax us to place an order and we will make sure that the product you requested are in stock.
  6. We will package and ship our product with utmost care. However, due to factors beyond our control during shipment, we cannot guarantee our product will arrive in perfect condition.
  7. Payments must be made once you have received confirmation order from us. We will hold and reserve your order for 2 weeks until payment is received. If payment is not made by the stated period, the order will be considered as CANCELLED.
  8. Remittances of payments are by bank wire transfer, bank draft, and money order or cashier checks in US$ dollars.
  9. Cancellation of orders after transactions have been made will not result in a fund.
  10. Once we have received confirmation of payment clearance, we will process the necessary documents and fax or email your order invoice. Your order will be shipped as soon as possible.
  11. We will not be held responsible for the delay in delivery if the parcel gets held up in customs or loss due to unforeseen circumstances.
  12. All foreign importation taxes and applicable charges are borne by the buyer. It is the responsibility of the buyer to check on these requirements of importation regulations.
  13. Please provide us with all the necessary documentation needed for importation, like Federal and State Import Permits, CITES and Phytosanitary Certificate requirements. Please also specify the nearest Port of Entry (airport) for any quarantine requirements or custom inspection requirements.
  14. NOTE: If your country require import documentation or quarantine requirements but you ignore to get one or informed us, then you are importing at your own risk, and Tropical Exotica will not be held responsible for loss of plants.
  15. We assure all in-vitro culture are sterile when they leave our laboratory; we will not refund or replace any damage or contamination, which may occur during shipments to you, though this is rare.

Shipping & Handling Charges
Shipping and handling cost will be charged @ 20% for orders below $500 and @15% for order above $500. Minimum foreign order is $300. We shipped our entire product by Speed Post (Airmail) similar to Priority mail/ Express Mail Service (EMS). This is the cheapest and most efficient way to ship because there will be a tracking number assigned to the parcel and can be trace by visiting the Postal Web site and typing the air bill number, which we will provide you on the shipment confirmation email.

CITES and Phytosanitary Certificate
These are almost required by all countries. Both requirements can be provided by our local Agriculture Agency, at the charge of $60.

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