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Anoectochilus roxburghii "TE"

This is a beautiful jewel with reddish brown leaves and metallic copper red veinations all over the leaves. This is a selected heavily veined form and is a very attractive jewel that is always in demand. SIMPLY GORGEOUS !!!!!


Anoectochilus roxburghii "Alba"

This is the albino form of this specie. This is an extremely rare find and almost unheard of in any collections. The leaf pattern is the same as the normal form, except there are no reddish brown pigments in the leaves but a bright jade green base with intense silver veinations. Very rare and highly prized by collectors. UPSETTINGLY BEAUTIFUL AND UTTERLY DESIRABLE !!!!!


Anoectochilus roxburghii "Variegated"

This is the extremely rare variegated formed. It is distinguish by having a thick metallic band along the mid rib of the leaf with crossed veins on both side of the band. This is an extremely rare find and was acquired through a private collector and was successfully cloned. Extremely rare and a jewel to die for. HORRIFYINGLY BEAUIFUL AND INTOLERABLY DESIRABLE !!!!!

Anoectochilus roxburghii "Variegated Alba"

This is the rarest occurrence created by nature. It is the rarer albino form of the already rare variegated forms. What are the chances of such a find! It look the same as the variegated forms, except the base color are pure jade green with a thick metallic band on the mid rib of the leaves. INDISPUTABLY BEAUTIFUL AND HELPLESSLY DESIRABLE !!!!!


Anoectochilus setaceous "Super Veination"

This is a lovely miniature that was selected due to its extremely beautiful veined leaves. The top of the leaf is deep jade green with metallic silver veins that are heavily expressed, while the bottom of leaf is a uniform reddish brown. These rare, beautiful and contrasting colors, made this specie very desirable for collectors. Though they are miniatures, each leaves can reach to he size of a US quarter. A rare find. STRIKINGLY BEAUTIFUL AND UNDOUBTEDLY DESIRABLE !!!!!


Anoectochilus formosanus "TE"

This jewel orchid is widely use as a medicinal plant for many remedies in Asia. Beautifully veined forms are hard to come by and this particular one came across by chance and was cloned. BEAUTIFULLY CUTE AND LOVELY !!!!!


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